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Dec 2020

Vayigash - Timeless nature of Rav Hirsch & Al Kuzari

This week I try and show the timeless nature of Rav Hirsch's teachings in contrast to other Jewish thinkers.

I also use this as an opportunity to bring out one of his ideological inspirations Judah Halevi, in hi Al Kuzari.

have a great week 

Dec 2020

Miketz & Chanukah - Are Beliefs Just a Result of Where We Are Born?

an age-old question, are our closest held beliefs just a result of where we are born?

on this, we open a discussion on fatalism and how words can orientate how we walk through life thought the lense of Rav Hirsch

Dec 2020

Chanukah - Beware The Simplifies

Chanukah what's the central conflict, how should we look at the cultural challenge of the Greeks?

All BAD?

Rav Shimshon Raphael Hirsch gives us a nuanced approach.

That does justice both to the challenge back then, as well as to our ability to grow today.

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