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Judaism From Within

Sep 2020

Ki Tavo - Humanism Under a Rock

This week we approach a classic split in Jewish thought, the Torah's particular focus on the Jewish people and at the same time the Torah's fundamental place for all of humanity. We will also discover where the Oral tradition stands from a traditional Jewish world view. 

Aug 2020

Eikev - Havdalah finally an approach I can relate to

Havdalah what is it and how are the 3 aspects of it, a drink, spices, and fire meaningful. 

Jul 2020

Va’etchanan - When popular opinion says the mind is an illusion

In this week's discussion, we dive headlong into one of philosophy's hardest questions- the nature of the mind.

Rav Hirsch shows us how a phrase in this weeks parashah so often understood as self-preservation, however delving deeper, we get a profound warning to protect our understanding of God and the Soul

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