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Judaism From Within

Feb 2020

Terumah - Molding Meaning Out Of Metal

This week's discussion we show how an appreciation of both of the materials and the components that made up the Tabernacle a powerful message of Jewish meaning arises


Based off the writings of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch

Feb 2020

Parshah Mishpatim - Why Start With Slavery? (His Copernican revolution)

in this weeks discussion, we offer a powerful tool in ones approach the torah and a general Jewish world view by shifting your approach of the Oral Law (his Copernican revolution. At the same time, we bring out a profound moral principle from the first law in this weeks parasha 

Feb 2020

Parshah Yisro - Yisro - A Unified Path Of the 10

In this week's discussion, we take the decalogue the 10 commandments something that's often looked at as separate ideas, But we show with the lens of repairs how it represents, symbolises a unified inseparable whole. 

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