Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch HOREB -  Mitzvah #7 Revelation - Treat It Like a Fact זכירת מעמד הר סיני

What is the Mitzva? and how does it affect how we act in the world?


1 - why call it a fact?

2 - The manner of Revelation and why it's meaning full 

3 - Prophecy & its role 

Rav Shimshon Rephel Hirsch HOREB

Reasons From Sinai - Mitzvah #6 Outlook On Life - Responsibility Not Necromancy תָּמִ֣ים תִּֽהְיֶ֔ה עִ֖ם ה

what is the outlook on life that the Torah calls on us to have?

What is the image of a complete person and what is its breakdown

What has Necromancy and supersition got to do with it? 


1 - Three parts of the person

2 - The breakdown of the person

3 - Correlation Implies Causation fallacy

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