September 28, 2020

Sukkot - Equality or Equity?

In today's society, it is often all too easy to assume we have all the answers to the problems plaguing our society. Poverty, unfairness, and unequal distribution are difficult concepts to come to terms with, and rightfully so, since as a nation tasked with being a 'Light On To The Nations' we don't take other people's suffering lightly. In a fascinating elucidation on the Sukkah, the festive booth Jews dwell in in the coming holiday, Rav Hirsch sheds light on the true Jewish perspective on social living. 

We recently received a care package for my son in COVID-19 isolation from his excellent school that inspired this talk. Looking at the beginning of the new year we all ask for tools - tools to help us live happy and successful lives. Rav Hirsch elaborates on how 3 of these crucial tools are viewed from the Jewish lens.

Rav Shimshon Raphael Hirsch gives us an insight into the inner structure of the human personality form a Torah lens. At the same time he answers an age-old question of why we start the Amida (prayers) with mentioning wisdom and knowledge.

This week we approach a classic split in Jewish thought, the Torah's particular focus on the Jewish people and at the same time the Torah's fundamental place for all of humanity. We will also discover where the Oral tradition stands from a traditional Jewish world view. 

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