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Nov 2020

Vayetze - on the Significance of the Home

In this weeks Parasha, we speak about a topic that on the face of things seems quite bland

The Home, but from the perspective of a Jewish worldview there is nothing more central

this is easy to say but why is this the case

interview I mentioned 





Nov 2020

Toldot - Off Whose Derech? a Corruption of the Jewish task

How the approach of parents and educators to fit each child into a specific framework of what they think Judaism is, can not only destroy the child but creates a perversion of the message that Judaism is trying to teach.

Nov 2020

Education: Necessity of Foreign Ideas

This week we approach Key Points in the education of our children, from the Perspective of Rav Hirsch

We speak about the necessity of exposing ourselves to other ideas outside Judaism to strengthen and appreciate our Jewish heritage.

We also speak about knowledge itself and how not to approach it purely from a utilitarian perspective and the dangers in doing so.

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