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Nov 2019

Vayera - Akedah, Abraham’s failure?

In this week's discussion, we go through one of the most central topics of Jewish history and Jewish theology the Binding of Isaac.  With the perplexing and difficult questions that arise from this event, we develop an approach. That will not only help us understand what happened in this week's portion but also helps us develop tools that allow us to tackle one of the most devastating critiques that arose on the Jewish moral framework from the thinker Immanuel Kant in the 18th century.

Nov 2019

Lech-Lecha - First be a Mench (noble character)

In this week's discussion on the weekly Parasha we turn to the story of the covenant with Abraham, the father of the Jewish people. We take the unique approach, we discuss his age. We Ask why a seemingly routine piece of information is absolutely Central to an integrated Jewish worldview hope you enjoy.

Oct 2019

Noach - Prophecy, Curse or Blessing?

this week we go through a proclamation by Noach at the end of the Parash, we delve into the symbolic significance of this truly profound and far-reaching statement.

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