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Mar 2020

Vayikra - a Rational to Sacrifices & SALT

One of the most perplexing issues for the modern mind comes from the Bibles idea of sacrifices. This is going to be a focus of this week's discussion


But we going to take it one step further we going to take something that is relevant to our lives today, the SALT, we use it on Shabbos why? and what Symbolic Concept comes alive with a new view on this ancient practice 


To join a 30mins live discussion on Zoom at 7:30 Uk time email me for the invite rabbilerner@jle.org.uk

Mar 2020

Vayakhel-Pekudei - Why is Carrying on Shabbos such a big deal?

This weeks Discussion we take on an often unasked question, carrying on Shabbos why is it a problem? Where does it fit? how is it meaningful? This is our journey this week through the lens of Rav Hirsch 

Mar 2020

Purim - Structure to make it meaningful

We often hear the cleshay, how Purim was the historical attacks on the Jewish people's physical existence as opposed to Chanukah where the fight was for our spirit. But how does this fit into a greater theme of the Jewish year