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Judaism From Within

Jun 2020

Korach – is Judaism still of interest?

This week we see two aspects of the jewish faith that are key in transmitting and presenting Judaism in a relevant interesting way to the next generation.

Jun 2020

Shelach - The weave of our mission

This week Rav Hirsch gives us access to one of the most powerful but at the same time easily accessible Jewish symbols Tzitzit, at the same time elaborating the deep background that enriches it.

May 2020

Emor - On the worship of DEATH

In this weeks podcast we will approach two points
1. The Torah commandment to tear our garments when encountering death and the danger of falling in to practices of death worship
2. The special relevance that this commandment holds to the Cohen (priest) and his responsibilitie, as well as how it reflects on us. From these two seemingly peripheral concepts Rav Hirsch draws out for us fundamental goals and methods of Judaism as a whole.

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